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Nov. 7, 2013
Great Expectations
Dicken has beautifully portrayted all the characters ,giving insight of psychology of Pip,Miss Havisham and the way he brougt up Estella to take revenge from male gender.Pip was fortunate enough to get good education and life style in London with the help of the convict who met little Pip in graveyard in early chapters of this novel.Miss Havisham was very unlucky ,his husbend left her at the very first evening of her marriage ,but she wanted to take her revenge from society and for that purpose she adopted Estella and poor Pip also became her victim a nd she broke her heart also.Well,it is a very good novel and i enjoyed reading it.
Nov. 7, 2013
This is a long novel.It was taught to us in last year in University.A host of characters are present and actions of people of all walk are recorded artistically by Eliot(Mary Ann).In Victorian era there were conventional views about Womanhood.Dorothea's aim's could only be fullfilled after her marriage which proved fake with Causabon.Lydgate and Dorothea were ,somewhat,similar figures.Social stubborness,unhappy marriages,women's role in society ,relatins between Evengelicals ans Anglicans are core issues of the novel.Psychological analysis of differet characters and clear eye view of human nature is speciality of this beautful novel.
Nov. 7, 2013
Sons and Lovers
It is purely an autobiographical novel and its roots are located in Lawrence own life.When i was reading this novel it reminded me of the story of Oedipus Rex which i read last year.The Sigmund Freud's theory is comman in both."Sons and Lovers"uses Oedipus Complex as its base for exploring Paul's relation with his mother.Paul could not love Miriam or Clara as he is devoted to his mother.Mrs.Gertrude is leading an unhappy life with his husband Mr.Morel and she turned his loneliness into passionate love of his sons William and later on Paul.Mrs.Morel is jealous over girl friends of his sons.Paul tells her mother that "he wished he had a young mother".But at the end of the novel Paul takes a major step,he overdoses his dying mother with Morpia and reduces her suffering and subvert his Oedipal fate ,as he kills Mrs.Moral and not his father .Paul's reaction was intence at the death of his mother and her death had great psycological effect on Paul's sexuality.
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