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Nov. 7, 2013
North and South
I LOVED this book! In fact, I was so impatient to finish this, that I received 40 installments in 1 day! The writing is Extraordinary, and so thoughtful. You care for the characters. The descriptions are so vivid, you can see the smoke over Milton, or the leaves on the roses! I would recommend this book to everyone!
Nov. 7, 2013
A Study in Scarlet
For a man as methodical and precise about his research as Conan Doyle was, I was extremely disappointed by the grievously incorrect information given in the story as fact, namely about the Mormons and early life in Utah! The story was excellent, until this was introduced to the plot. The author could not even bother himself to spell the names of actual people correctly. I think if he had done a bit more research and told his story better, I may have liked it more, which is a shame because I have enjoyed his other stories so much.
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