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"I enjoy reading and writing. I also have written several poems and short stories. My favorite book of all time is "Gone With The Wind." I love the two main characters, Scarlett and Rett. Margaret Mitc"
June 1, 2017
Anne of Green Gables
This book warmed my heart! The characters were wonderful! Especially Anne. She had this great personality, and an amazing outlook on life. Her attitude about everything was good. Let her lead and charm you down the path of her life and she will make ANNE OF GREEN GABLES an unforgettable read.
June 3, 2017
A Tale of Two Cities
A wonderful classic! Also very sad. As I read and the story developed, I found myself engulfed and was deeply moved by some of the characters and the way they were mistreated, while others just made me mad with their actions. The title and cover page were so appropriately chosen. The worst of times took over and left the best of times completely in the dark. It was as though one trouble followed another, and one character in particular kept getting swallowed up by it. That is why I kept reading, to see what was in store for this person. I was deeply moved! Amazing read.
May 5, 2020
Robinson Crusoe
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