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"I read. A lot. And I write, but not as much as I should. I have several degrees and I would really like to go back and get my MFA in Writing at some point ."
Nov. 7, 2013
Don Quixote
I enjoyed Don Quixote, especially for the era in which it was written and how difficult some of the older classics can be to get through. It is a little long, but worth the time spent. Dear, sweet, mentally unstable Quixote is a charming blunderer who has a way with poetry and firmly holds to his delusions. Sancho is the epitome of the trusty sidekick - wandering along in Quixote's wake even when he knows they would be better off to skip a particular adventure. The focus in the book on his habitual use of idioms and proverbs is one of my favorite aspects of the story as a whole. <br/><br/>Don Quixote does get a bit long, but it's well-crafted and has a satisfying progression and resolution. It definitely has a lot more in the way of plot than many other classics I've read recently.<br/><br/>If Don Quixote wasn't required reading for you at some point, I do recommend investing a little time and effort in it.
Nov. 7, 2013
Pride and Prejudice
Nov. 20, 2013
Little Women
Nov. 21, 2013
War and Peace
Dec. 26, 2013
With a Little Help
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