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Nov. 7, 2013
The Lost World
Though familiar with Sherlock Holmes, I had never actually READ any of Doyle's stuff. This was tremendous. If it had been written today, someone would pressure him into making it a trilogy. Best introduction one could have to dailylit, as every day was like a cliff hanger.
Nov. 7, 2013
A Study in Scarlet
Nov. 7, 2013
The Yellow Wallpaper
Nov. 7, 2013
The Picture of Dorian Gray
Nov. 7, 2013
The Island of Doctor Moreau
Classic tale emphasizing man's beastliness. A survivor of a sunken ship is picked up by a ship with odd cargo and even odder passengers. He's dumped on an island with said cargo and passengers, to discover that it is a macabre experimental station--the classic mad scientist in charge performing a primitive form of genetic engineering.. Interesting read, lots of food for thought about--are we really that much higher than the animals? evolution--are we that far along? or are we so unique in creation that the gap can't be bridged?
Nov. 7, 2013
The Metamorphosis
Nov. 7, 2013
King Solomon's Mines
Looking for an adventure book and this fit the bill. Lots of fun, the daily lit email format provides a nice cliffhanger effect so that over the last three days I read the final 25 installments (dailylit.com for "I couldn't put it down").
Nov. 7, 2013
From the Earth to the Moon
If you're a physics/chemistry/history geek, this is a blast, literally. A great look at the level of science in post-Civil War USA. Very interesting in understanding what they understood about the moon and space travel.
Nov. 20, 2013
The Art of War
Reads like a leadership guide, fascinating in its age. I have often stereotyped ancient man as not near our level of intelligence, but this book and its guiding principles could have been written today. It's about tactics and strategy, insight into a great man's mind.
Dec. 26, 2013
Six short stories, I had never heard of Doctorow but this was pretty cool. Two stories were dull/pointless--I, Rowboat and Printjob (or whatever the first one was called). The other 4 were all great stories and in fact reflected a great variety. Anda's Game I thought was very creative; I,Robot moved at a great pace; the one about the seige started kind of slowed, but the last 20 installments--I just kept clicking "send next installment immediately." Would like to have had the book copy for my recent trip.
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